Weeing In The Shower Is The Key To Having Much Better Sex, Says Science


To pee in the shower or not to pee? That’s the question that has long divided humans the world over.

But now, thanks to an article published on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog, Goop, there’s a great reason to do your business in the shower: your sex life.

Squatting and urinating while you shower strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. And this, says Lauren Roxburgh, a structural integrative specialist, is “the key to great sex”.


“When you squat to pee as opposed to sitting up straight on the toilet, you automatically engage your pelvic floor and it naturally stretches and tones,” reads the blog.

“Because your urethra is pointed straight down in this position all you have to do is relax for urine to flow out easily—as opposed to sitting up straight and having to strain to empty your bladder.”


Lots of women already know about the importance of doing kegel exercises to engage with their pelvic floors, but peeing in the shower while squatting is certainly worth trying, too.

Anything for good sex, eh.