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I am sure you have heard about highlights and maybe as a kid even received the books yourself. But, if for some reason you haven’t heard of Highlights then let me tell you that it is the best books/magazines your child can receive in the mail. I used to receive them as a kid and now that I am a parent I signed up my son to receive them as well. Order today and receive 2 FREE Puzzle Books from Highlights Puzzle Buzz! Perfect for kids who love puzzles & games! Kids will love having fun with mazes, word games and more!

Reading and learning become fun for kids when they’ve got Highlights for Children magazine to entertain and teach them. Every issue is chock full of wholesome, challenging content that gets little minds going, so you can rest assured that the hours your child spends engrossed in the articles, puzzles, and activities is well worth the time. The magazine’s philosophy focuses on encouraging kids to become more creative, more sensitive to others, and more able to think for themselves.

From science projects to jokes and puzzles, the content in Highlights for Children magazine will get your child’s attention and keep it for longer than you imagined was possible. Kids love to figure out the answers to puzzles and quizzes themselves, making this magazine a departure from the instant-gratification culture often found in modern kid-oriented activities, publications, and apps. Kids can also submit their own art and writing for consideration in a reader-submitted section of the magazine.

Regular features every month in Highlights for Children magazine give kids a sense of familiarity that makes them comfortable even when faced with material that challenges their growing brains. The classic Timbertoes characters appear in every issue, and kids look forward to seeing these favorite friendly faces when they open the magazine cover. The combination of familiarity and new ideas helps kids develop the confidence to try new things and excel at things they’ve never done before.

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