Chili Hot Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge!

Chili Hot Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge!

Blazin Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge – Can YOU do it?

There are many stories around the origins of Buffalo Wild Wings.  Are these stories true?  You be the judge.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great example of how buffalo wings spread to different parts of the country. It was founded by a man who spent some time in Buffalo before moving to Ohio. Unable to find a good place to get buffalo wings, he and a friend opened up their own restaurant in Columbus in 1982. The restaurant chain, which prides itself on sixteen different buffalo wing sauces, now has at least one store in every state except Rhode Island, and also has stores in Canada. And, of course, who could forget Hooters, which was founded in 1983 with wings a central feature on its menu.

This spreading of the buffalo wing was relatively slow until American Football stepped in.  What happened?  From 1990-1993, the Buffalo Bills made it to the Super Bowl four consecutive seasons.  During this time, the media covering the team also did features on the region itself, including talking quite a bit about local food and particularly highlighting these spicy, fried chicken wings.  From there, Buffalo wings saw a huge surge in popularity, including becoming a “traditional” snack to eat while watching American Football as it still is to this day.

Finally, check out this hilarious video about his challenge to gobble 10 wings in 5 minute?  Right.